Poll: TSLA in 5 years

Where will TSLA be in 5 years? (stock price)

  • under $200, Musk can’t stop tweeting, financial trouble
  • $200<TSLA<$419 Still showing potential, not profitable
  • $420 taken private at $420 before 5 years
  • $421<TSLA<$1000 making many more cars, profitable, huge advancements in battery technology
  • Over $1000, AK-Invest is correct, leader in mobility as a service (maas), very profitable

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More options:

Musk is hit by a comet while riding a SpaceX rocket.

Tesla merges with SpaceX, and we finally get the rocket cars promised in 1950’s science fiction.

I think there’s a good chance Tesla goes private, eliminating half the news and chatter in the financial world. It might even allow Tesla to support their cars like other manufacturers, instead of having a very selective warranty policy. I’ve been watching this series by a backyard mechanic who likes to salvage Teslas:

You would think that an electric car would be a lot simpler than a car with a gasoline engine, but dystopian software makes all the difference.

I would love to have a super-simple electric car, with super low cost fuel and maintenance. There’s no reason why an electric car should cost more to maintain than a reliable gasoline car like a Camry. The only real-world obstacle is the availability of charging when you’re traveling long distance. The fake-world obstacle is having the car loaded with unavoidable software that monitors every detail and acts on it to the detriment of the car owner.


I own a Tesla and the warranty service has been anything but selective. If it breaks, they fix it promptly at no cost, give me a loaner if I want it, wash the car and vac the inside before returning it to me. Very simple.

There’s no reason why an electric car should cost more to maintain than a reliable gasoline car like a Camry. and it doesn’t. After over 4 years my cost has been zero ( tire rotations done gratis) Soon I will need new tires, the first money I have ever spent for maintenence.


After over 4 years my cost has been zero

Really? You don’t get the yearly (12,500 mile) service? My 2014 P85 cost nothing the first year (I don’t remember why they comped it), $400 the second year, and $700 the third year. The last service was the year 4 service items because I’d put 50,000 miles on it by then.

My current Model S is less than 8 months old, so I haven’t gotten any service. It already has almost 17,000 miles on it due to two long road trips.


No, I do not use the yearly service, and it did not effect the warranty. Or the over priced extended warranty I recently purchased. (it’s still cheaper than a new car)

Do you see much difference between your old 2014 and the new one? Like autopilot?

Last reply here, as I think we’re off topic for Saul’s board. Happy to discuss further on the Tesla board if you want.

Do you see much difference between your old 2014 and the new one? Like autopilot?

My 2014 P85 was built the first week that they included the auto-pilot hardware. It was a surprise to me. When I took delivery and asked what does this extra stalk on the steering wheel do, they said “nothing yet, but it will soon”. A couple of weeks later a firmware update enabled the initial version of auto-pilot. Soon after they updated my brake actuator to be electronic prior to adding the ability of the car to brake on its own.

Among my many reasons for upgrading to a new Model S was to get version 2 of the auto-pilot hardware. It has been slowly catching up to version 1, and is still inferior in a couple of ways, although superior in several. But my expectation is that the firmware release in September (or October if it follows the usual delay scenario) will result in AP2 being superior to AP1 in all ways. We’ll see. In any case I’m getting to see a baby driving AI grow up, which is why I really wanted AP2.

The only actual step backwards for the upgraded S is that the frunk is smaller, due to the front motor for AWD and the fancy air filtration system both stealing some space. Almost every other thing is improved: range (267->335), RWD->AWD, fancy air filtration, nicer seats, nicer wheels, heated steering wheel, power closing charge port, 3G->LTE, much faster computer (nav, media, etc.). The 0-60 time is the same (4.1s) as I got the non-performance version this time, which due to the larger battery has improved acceleration equal to the old performance model.

Both are an absolute pleasure to drive. The guy to whom I sold my old one says it is fairly indistinguishable from being new, so he’s quite happy.