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What is your sentiment on Upstart at current price?

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I bought some more today in after-hours trade. It was lower than the closing price. I know it (and everything else) may go yet lower, but I couldn’t resist. And I also realize that today could have been at least a temporary bottom.

Who knows?

I sure don’t. I wasn’t too sure about it back when everyone was pounding the table for UPST, but I came around to thinking they have something here, and I wanted more of it. I’m in it for the long haul, so what it does in the short term isn’t so important.

Today’s price was below what I first bought it for. Granted, nowadays that doesn’t mean much. So many of the “popular” names are down huge.

I think in 5-10 years, it will look like a smart (or lucky) move to buy here.

So, of course, I voted “bullish.” :o)

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My best move ever was doubling down on NFLX in 2012.

Fortune favours the brave.


Hi Kathie,

My best buys are all coming in the After Hours market. I think of it as “Outer Limits.”

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