Poll: What would you do with a rock?

Suppose you were to receive a nice rock. What would you do with it?

  • Sell it, open a Charles Schwab joint brokerage account and invest the money is UPST
  • Get Nesse’s Mineralogy, leave it somewhere, get angry, answer a distress call, use rock to meditate
  • Get twelve more where it came from, start selling, expand or die!!!
  • Rock ?! I’m a value investor. Get me a share of Markel!
  • Wrestle you for another one, start chipping away.

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Make it a family heirloom. Save it for the grandkids!!!

On the theory that gold is just a rock, I would put it somewhere safe.

I would pet it.

Who thinks you have to be a Fool of a certain age to get that…

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re: MKL


You didn’t fill out your rap sheet to see what kind of investor or trader with your risk and money management skills you may have.

Do you earn $ 100.00 every 17 minutes - stay tuned. Or $400.00 within an hour of work and done for the day. Then go about hitting a few white pellets on a nice green golf course to relax.

Had a sell signal for MKL on 6/8/22

If I were you to learn how to Tetter Totter. The below should be of some help.

Sold SPXL on 6/8/22 at $88.02 and then buy the inverse SPXS a minute later at $21.46. SPXS is now at $27.01, a 25.8621 percent increase in profits, and going higher today.

If you are listening to the Piped Pipers at being a HODLer (hang on for dear life), you are in dead trouble, and you got ripped off.

Learn how to read charts and be Swing Trader.

Next look at your 401K’s. IRA’s. Guessing you are down between 30 to 40 percent.

One of my nurses who listens to the advisors of her company’s 401K programs portfolio went from 1.5 million and now is sitting at 300K. OUCH !!!

I suggesed that she open a Roth IRA and now is pursuing the below and exercising her own trades for the past 6 months.


Let’s pick on SKF (the KBE group) on the list and observe a Genius at work. Place the mouse on 4/20ish at 17.40ish and today it is sitting at 23. NICE profit.

Now, let’s look at the inverse UYG and did you observe when to have sold. The Pied Pipers will NEVER ever ever teach you how to make money, because they are not allowed to other than say “What’s in your wallet” man.


Something to ponder,

Quillnpenn - a poor church mouse scratching for a living as a Swing Trader for over 45 years.
------------ Vision - Multi-Millionaire…Goal - earn 1.3% - 2.5% compounded Daily per the 2.5 percent theory.

2% theory starts with $1,000.00 or any amount on day one all the way down to day 365 earning over $1.377 million.

2.5% theory, start with $1,000.00 or any amount on day one all the way down to day 365 earning about 8.207 million dollars via the power of compounding compounding.

Create your own spreadsheet.

I am on day 101 with the 2.5% theory and have patience and discipline in waiting and waiting. There are days, I can get 2 or 3 hits within a day or two. Move onto the next batch. On day 159 I will stop and trade 3 stocks over and over at Day 159. The fourth will continue down to day 365. That is in my Business Plan.

where to find the stocks of the day at Barchart dot com, “Five Day Gainers”. (left side) . None today, but if your a person who likes to short stocks, you are sitting in Scrooge Mc Ducks Well, swimming in wealth. I don’t short stocks, too expensive.

Now, if you are an ONLINE Roulette or Baccarat player. (you avoid the electronic machines)

Well, do you make $100.00 every 17 minutes or about $400.00 in an hour. Most idiots jump on the middle numbers with zero money management skills.

With risk and cash management skills, it is not hard at all. Earn 5 - $100.00 and some loose change sessions with a bankroll of $ 915.00 and you’re done for the day (within 24 hours).

I earn about 5-600 every night. $3,850 per week, $15,000 per month, and about $182,500 and change per year. There are times I do lose a couple of bankrolls,

We treat it as doing business.