Portfolio Stress Test - Courtesy IBD

A suggestion: Start watching APP.

An Alpha pick over at Seeking Alpha. An extensive and excellent write-up here at Saul’s board (just a bit shown in the preview, includes graphs and stuff):

I bought it a while ago around $60, after seeing Seeking Alpha’s write-up and deciding “Huh! This looks like it’s doing pretty well and is a decent place to park some of my unused cash.” Now, a few months later, it’s $86.

IMO, I underappreciated the company now that I know more… and I’m thinking of tossing some more dollars in that direction. Current allocation is around 2%, which is super low for me. As you may remember.

Disclosure: Portfolio is mostly NVDA and SMCI, with some CELH, a tad of APP and the smallest touch of PGY.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.