Power Ranking Top 25 After Earnings Reports

Note 1: I am an amateur investor and nothing you see here should be taken as gospel. Being a renowned garbler of data with a non-discerning penchant for oversimplification and a somewhat more than slight propensity for taking what sometimes appears as counter deep dive research short cuts (And we all know what happens to folks in investing that takes short cuts - don’t we now!) - anyone who happens to wander past this abandoned frigid hut should take any and all of this within their very own instinctive fight or flee desire for both wealth survival and additional insight and clarification. Etc…

Note 2: Its Mothers Day! So…do something unexpected and extraordinary for the woman who raised you to be the person you are today - unless of course you are a complete moron; then, simply send her some flowers and call her to tell her you love her dearly and that you will try to do better in the future.

Note 3: This is not a comprehensive list but rather a listing of companies followed; sometimes for investing purposes and sometimes for educational purposes and entertainment value only. So theres that.

Note 4) There are companies left to report which should change the rankings as I move forward; however, the rankings subsequent to the reporting season represent the base moving forward until the next series of reports.

Note 5). This is Part One with several additional data ranking/measurements left to be considered.

Part One: Reporting Companies Based on Simple Revenue Growth:

  1. TMDX - Reported May 1

Revenue Growth: 161.6%

Represents the second consecutive Qtr of slowing Revenue Growth.

  1. HIMS and HERS Health - Reported May 8

Revenue Growth: 88.3%

Represented a slight slow down from the previous Qtrs Revenue Growth of 97.41%

  1. DKNG - Reported May 4

Revenue Growth: 84.7%

Represented Accelerating Growth over the last Qtrs Revenue Growth of 80.79%

  1. ENPH - Reported April 25


Revenue Growth: 64.5%

Represented the second consecutive QTR of decelerating Revenue Growth.

  1. BILL - Reported May 4

Revenue Growth: 63.3%

Represented only a slight less-than-three-percent deceleration from Revenue Growth in previous Qtr.

  1. PI - Reported April 26

Revenue Growth: 61.6%

Represented an Acceleration of last Qtrs Revenue Growth of 45.6%

  1. U - Reported May 10

Revenue Growth: 56.3%

Represented the third consecutive Qtr of Accelerating Revenue Growth.

  1. ANET - Reported May 1

Revenue Growth: 54%

Represented a relative tie with the previous Qtrs Revenue Growth

  1. TGLS - Reported May 4

Revenue Growth: 50.6%

Represented a Deceleration from last Qtrs 60.1%

  1. SEDG - Reported May 3

Revenue Growth: 44.1%

Represents a Deceleration from the previous Qtr of 61.4%.

  1. DUOL - Reported 5/9

Revenue Growth: 42.4%

Represents a slight Acceleration result over last Qrts 42.2%.

  1. CFLT - Reported 5/3

Revenue Growth: 38.2%

The third consecutive Qtr of Decelerating Revenue Growth.

  1. NET - Reported April 27

Revenue Growth: 36.8%

Third consecutive Qtr of falling Revenue Growth.

  1. FOUR - Reported 5/4

Revenue Growth: 36.1%

Acceleration over last Qtrs 34.6% Revenue Growth

  1. MELI - Reported May 5/3

Revenue Growth: 35.1%

Third consecutive Qtr of falling Revenue Growth.

  1. PCOR - Reported May 3

Revenue Growth: 34.2%

Second consecutive Qtr of falling Revenue Growth.

  1. NARI - Reported 5/3

Revenue Growth: 33.9%

Accelerated over last Qtrs Revenue Growth of 29.5%

  1. DDOG - Reported May 4

Revenue Growth: 32.7%

Fifth consecutive Qtr of falling Revenue Growth.

  1. INTA - Reported May 8

Revenue Growth: 32.1%

Third consecutive QTR of Revenue Growth

  1. LTH - Reported May 25

Revenue Growth: 30.2%

Slight Deceleration from last Qtrs 31.1%

  1. DOCN - Reported May 9

Revenue Growth: 30%

Second consecutive Qtr of falling Revenue Growth.

  1. DV - Reported May 10

Revenue Growth: 27%

Slight Acceleration over Last Qtr.

  1. HUBS - Reported 5/3

Revenue Growth: 26.8%

Sixth consecutive Qtr of falling Revenue Growth

  1. FRPT - Reported 5/8

Revenue Growth: 26.7%

14+ points fall off from previous Qtr.

  1. AYX - Reported 4/27

Revenue Growth: 26%

Fell 47+ points from last Qtr.

Part Two is based entirely on Market Reaction to the Reports. Hopefully I will get that out this evening unless I decide not to.

All the Best


Part Two: Ranked by Market Reaction to Earnings:

(Alternatively: The Momma liked you Best ratings - or, for you fanatics whose stock just didn’t do as well as you thought they would: Just you wait till next Qtr ratings.

Best to worst for market reaction along with an update on the company original ranking based solely on Revenue Growth numbers.

1). DDOG

Number 18th ranked DDOG has rocketed +32.51% since its report; potentially, putting to bed the sentiment that SaaS is past its prime - maybe.

  1. BILL

Number 5th Ranked BILL has climbed by +17.25% subsequent to its report.

  1. INTA

19th Ranked INTA has surged +15.68% since reporting.

  1. SEDG

Number 10th ranked SEDG is up +14.41% since it’s ER.

  1. CFLT

Number 12th ranked CFLT has surged higher by +14.33% since it reported.

  1. NARI

17th ranked NARI has risen by +12.82% since reporting.

  1. HUBS

Number 23rd ranked HUBS surged +10.57% subsequent to reporting.

  1. DKNG

Number 3 ranked DKNG Gained +10.42% after its ER.

  1. LTH

Number 20 LTH Surged +8.47% after its report.

  1. TGLS

Number 9th ranked TGLS popped by + 5.42 after its ER.

  1. DUOL

Number 11 DUOL added +5.32% after ER

  1. U

Number 7 ranked U edged up +3.16% after reporting.

  1. PCOR

Number 16 PCOR gained +2.03% after reporting

  1. DV

Number 22 ranked DV added +1.29% subsequent to reporting.

  1. MELI

Number 15th ranked MELI is currently flat after its ER after initially soaring to over $1,313 per share - then subsequently falling to under $1,200 to then completely recover to close currently right where they started from.

  1. FRPT

Number 24th ranked FreshPet has been flat after earnings

  1. DOCN

Number 21 ranked DOCN drifted down -2.62% after reporting.

  1. TMDX

Top ranked TMDX gave up -2.78% after its ER.

  1. FOUR

Number 14th ranked FOUR lost -6.5% after reporting.

  1. HIMS

Number 2 ranked HIMS deflated by -8.77% after its report.

  1. ANET

Arista Networks - ranked number 8 fell by -13.44% subsequent to its report.

  1. NET

Number 13 ranked NET has fallen by -17.03% after its ER.

  1. ENPH

Number 4 ranked ENPH plummeted by -24.05% after reporting.

  1. AYX

Ranked number 25 for Revenue Growth - AYX tumbled by -29.83% after earnings that no-one but Bert liked.

  1. The Pi

Highly ranked PI based upon Revenue Growth reported, then provided guidance that sank the company by -31%.

New Rankings based upon these results to follow.

Coming up - Part 3: Ranked on size of Revenue Beat - why? Well…because size matters.

All the Best,


Updated Power 25 Rankings subsequent to Market Reaction data from Earnings Reports

  1. BILL. - take the Number One ranking spot.

  2. DKNG - Climbs 1 spot from #3.

  3. SEDG - Up from #10

  4. CFLT - Enters the Top 5 from the #12 spot.

  5. DDOG - Joins the Top 5 from the #18 spot

  6. TGLS - Moves up from #9.

  7. U - Steady at #7.

  8. TMDX - Drops from #1.

  9. INTA - Joins the Top Ten

  10. DUOL - Climbs One spot to the Top 10.

  11. HIMS - Falls out of the Top Ten.

  12. NARI - Up from #17

  13. ENPH - Falls from #4

  14. LTH - Climbs up from #20

  15. PCOR - Up one spot.

  16. ANET - Plunges 8 spots

  17. HUBS - Jumps from #23.

  18. MELI - Falls 2 spots.

  19. PI - Falls 12 spots from #6

  20. FOUR - drops 5 spots .

  21. NET - Plunges 7 spots.

  22. DV - Climbs one spot.

  23. DOCN - Drops 1 spot

  24. FRPT - Maintains #25

  25. AYX - Remains #25

Several other Ranking Measurements Remain and other companies will be reporting so the base starting point for the overall Power 25 won’t be complete until all the reports are in sometime in early June.

For entertainment purposes only.

All the Best,


MNDY Reports

Revenue Growth: +50.0%

  • First quarter revenue of $162.3 million grew 50% year over year

  • Number of customers with more than $50k ARR grew 75% year over year

  • Achieved record quarterly revenue and free cash flow

  • Announced monday AI, with plans to incorporate AI into the monday.com ([MNDY]

Fan Reaction: Stock soars +16.55%.

MNDY crashes Power 25 Rankings vaulting to Number 3 in its PR 25 debut.

Note: AYX falls out of the rankings.

All the Best,