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I received an invitation in the mail the other day from the Fool for a special broadcast tonight where they were going to unveil something huge. I was bored this evening and saw the invitation so I tuned in. They unveiled their new service called Premier Pass. It costs $8k initial buy-in then $100 every month from that point forward. Of course they had a special for just tonight but… Holy Smokes too rich for my blood. Who would pay out $8k + $100 a month for stock tips. That is just crazy.


I delete every single email I get from the Fool now. There is way too much advertising. I saw this one too but didn’t even think twice. 8 grand… so 1 year in and you are $9200 in the hole already?! I tell you what, they better be getting at least 20-30% yoy returns on that kind of money. In 10 years you will have spent about 20 grand on just stock tips (with decent investing you could turn that into 80-100 grand before retirement). And here I thought $4.95 trades were too much… sheesh.



Hi HeartMD,

In case you prefer to not have to delete the mails, go to My Settings on your fool website, and under Preferences select Email Settings and on that page you can opt out of, for example, Special Offers. I assume this would reduce those mails (have not done it myself).

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I opted out as John posted above and have not been getting the offers. I was about to quit MF entirely as I was receiving way too many of them. Not only were they sending too many, they were obnoxious. What’s with all the shouting (CAPITAL LETTERS), limited time only! buy NOW!? Seemed more like selling used cars than offering stock advice.

More better now that I just get the SA weekly updates.

Steve B.