Prioritize an iPhone/iPad connection to a wifi source?

DW and I live in an apartment complex that provides a wifi service that’s available throughout the building. But we have our own modem and router set up (that’s properly secured so only DW and I have access to it) that we use whenever we’re at home.

Sometimes, we leave the building with our iPhones and/or iPads and, of course, they disconnect from our personal wifi. But when we come back, the devices do not always reconnect to our personal wifi. Instead, they sometimes connect to the building’s wifi.

Is there some setting on the Apple devices that I can make them connect only to our personal wifi?

Or, at least have them prioritize the personal wifi over the building’s wifi as there are occasions when we’re in the building but out of the range of the personal wifi but still want to connect to the internet and thus will use the building’s wifi in those instances.

Pretty easy to accomplish.

You just need to remove the complex’s Wi-Fi from the list. Open Settings; click on Wi-Fi and remove the complex’s network from the “My Network’s” list. That will prevent connection period. It will delete the PW and the SSDI for the complex’s network.

If you just want to prevent automatic complex network login/connection, click on the circle “i” next to the signal strength arcs and turn the auto connect switch Off.


OK, thank you. Turning off the automatic connection is what I was looking for.

As I mentioned, I want to keep the building’s wifi in the list because once in a while we do use it.

Thanks again.