Public health emergency over

  • The World Health Organization declared an end to the Covid global public health emergency.
  • The pandemic has been on a downward trend with population immunity increasing from vaccination and infection, leading to fewer deaths, the WHO said.
  • The United States is set to end its own Covid public health emergency on Thursday.



Let’s all remember that the change from “Covid emergency” to “Covid is endemic” does NOT mean that Covid has disappeared. There are still over 4,000 hospital admissions and 1,000 deaths from Covid in the U.S.

Precautions like masking, vaccination and social distancing are no longer mandatory. But they aren’t forbidden to those with common sense and/or at high risk.

Also, pay attention to the temperature of your nose. A new study showed that the nose has its own immune system (!) which attacks viruses. Unfortunately, this immune system doesn’t work well when the nose is cold. A mask can be worn to keep the nose warm as well as to filter out particles that may carry viruses.

I plan to get a Covid booster along with my flu booster in October like I did last year. It’s a routine for an endemic disease. DH and I are both at high risk due to age and lung disease. We have both avoided Covid so far.


Also get RSV vaccine if available.


I suspect that, moving forward, there will be plenty of folk who won’t bother. Becoming as cavalier about an annual Covid shot as they were about the flu shot (except for a couple of years during the height of the Covid epidemic)

Short on memory, long on excuses

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At the same time, the number of excess deaths (all deaths compared to projection) has been negative since January.


@DrBob2 wrote: At the same time, the number of excess deaths (all deaths compared to projection) has been negative since January.

That’s interesting.

The charts show a repeating pattern of small, short-term drops in excess mortality immediately after LARGE peaks in excess mortality. The pandemic surges killed the weak in large numbers, leaving slightly fewer to die subsequently. This current dip is temporary. If we are lucky, the numbers will stabilize at the pre-pandemic level. If there is another Covid surge this coming winter, the pattern will repeat.


They won’t vote for long–they will be dead. Replaced by (likely) liberal voters who do remember to get vaccines–because they help them to live longer (and vote).

Anti-vax tendencies run the gamut of political viewpoints.

As I’ve frequently mentioned, I live within striking distance of Boulder, CO … the World’s epicenter of WOO! and nitwittery. Not generally perceived as leaning to the right … but given to advocating for vaccine avoidance. No doubt flu, certainly MMR and TDaP … even rabies and parvo etc for their companion animals. Yes, inevitable outbreaks of measles and Whooping Cough…at least they keep their pooches home


The mortality rate, even among the unvaccinated, is very low. For example, back in September their mortality rate was 18 per 100,000 or 0.02%