Pure Storage article

This all-flash array vendor has announced support for VMware’s vSphere Metro Storage Cluster, vSphere Virtual Volumes and gained a VMware Validated Design.

Here is a link to the article: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/01/29/storage_roundup/



Not all that newsworthy, except maybe for existing shareholders wanting to pat themselves on the back. Other storage vendors have had this for… awhile. Like, 2014 “awhile.” Or even 2012 if you want to be technology-specific rather than name-specific.

As a prospective (not current) PSTG shareholder, I’m more interested in them actually making a profit, building a sustainable growth model and carving out some moats. NVMe storage, just like others, is and will become commoditized. It’s the software and services piece that often makes the difference, what brings customers back for more, and how next-purchase-after-this-one decisions are made even before someone starts looking for dollars to spend on them.

I’ve been looking for a solid reason to open my pocketbook and add some PSTG to my PF, but haven’t had enough of any come across that won over the inertia factor. NVMe is fast (I have some in my desktop PC at home, love it…), but it’s just a “thing” that everyone else can also offer – Dell/EMC, Nutanix, HPE, NetApp, etc.