Putin's convoy of corpses

Trains are being loaded with dead Russian soldiers in the dead of night after their deaths in Ukraine to hide true death toll, claim Belarus locals who say they have seen 2,500 bodies in two weeks

Corpses of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine are being moved from Belarus back to Russia in the dead of night

Video shows military ambulances driving through the Belarusian city of Homel in early March
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Employees at the region’s clinical hospital claim more than 2,500 bodies have already been shipped back

Ukraine’s military says that more than 14,000 Kremlin troops have been killed since the Russian invasion

Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky urged Putin to negotiate with him directly, saying otherwise Russia will take ‘several generations to recover’;

Russia used a hypersonic missile in its brutal war in Ukraine;

Putin’s lapdog Sergei Lavrov sneered that Russia’s ties to China would grow stronger as a result of Western sanctions;

Joe Biden warned China’s despot Xi Jinping there would be ‘consequences’ if it supported Russia;

Putin’s tub-thumping speech at a massive stage pro-war rally in Moscow on Friday was ridiculed as ‘Billy Graham meets North Korea’;

Kremlin staff were allegedly forced to attend the rally in the Luzhniki World Cup stadium in a bid to drum up support for Putin’s stalled invasion of Ukraine;

One of Ukraine’s most famous stage actresses has been killed in a Russian rocket attack while she slept in an apartment in southeast Kyiv;

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said ‘barbaric’ Putin is ‘panicking’ and that he must be defeated in Ukraine;

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss claimed that peace talks between Russia and Ukraine could be a ‘smokescreen’ for Kremlin forces to fortify their positions and advance.