OT Russian soldiers are angry

I watch this guy for economic info about China, Russia, and a few other places.

The attached video is not his normal content.

Be careful where you party.



Russian soldiers could always surrender.

Would we accept them as refugees?

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Ukraine has the “I want to live” app for Russians to use for the surrender.

Supposedly, Ukraine offers them asylum.



She is not guilty of anything. There is no such thing as a Russian having moral suffering. Especially in the trenches in Ukraine. There is sheer stupidity for not taking guns directly back to Moscow.

BTW The angry soldier…I hope Ukrainians get him good.

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Prigozhin tried that. He had an “accident”, like everyone else that attracts Putin’s attention, in the wrong way.


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Between a naked party and a war I prefer the party.

The Captain

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The final accident will be Putin’s.

Does Putin fear death?
I’m thinking maybe not.
Putin is playing poker with the West.
In a lotta ways, he has a weak hand … But, that’s also his strength - ie he, personally, has nothing to lose.
(He does not care if the Russian people “lose”).
Putin ignores the West “war constructs” such as Geneva Convention, “Rules” of War, The World Court “Crimes” etc .


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Fear of death for the wise is different.

The wise do not bring on their own death.