Question for Champ

So I have a meager portion of UPST that I kept when Saul got out because it kept going up. Well, somewhere where I blinked or whatever I find it is immensely in the red when I look at the total gains tab in my Charles Slob portfolio.

I’m trying to figure out what I should do. Move the money to another losing company? (They are all losing these days.)

Sit tight?

Cash out half or a percentage?

Maybe my question will help others. Maybe I shouldn’t even ask it.
Life goes on with or without UPST.

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Hi MSlob:

Hope you are well.

Remember that I am a complete amateur at this and anyone that might, for whatever bizarre reason, listen to me risks total investment annihilation or complete and total financial ruin, destruction and/or obliteration. Now with that out of the way.

My own personal decision with UPST was to reduce it to a Scout Team position of only slight relevance under a long time Fool’s admonition as follows:

“If the company is successful a little is all you need and if it crashes a little is all you want.”

That quote - with allowance for memory lapse, came from the venerable and much admired TMF1000.

UPST is still the company it was before all the smart kids abandoned it - in fact even more so. Whether it will fulfill its promise/potential of co-opting the historical and traditional dogma of the Credit Score remains up in the air. As I remember it, the last post by Saul on the matter was to the effect that he was out only because he does not understand the company and all its many working parts. His comment puzzled me because no one seemed to question innate nor even the somewhat hazy vague understanding of the company when it was skyrocketing into the stratosphere. Note this is not criticism of Saul - just a puzzlement.

Saul has always preached following the numbers and I found the latest ER numbers to be relevant to the discussion and a current validation for holding some amount of shares. Whether that works out remains to be seen. But if I had to choose between going with Saul as a barometer for what to do with UPST or myself - I suppose; no, I’m pretty sure, a rational clear thinking investor would go with Brother Saul.

Still - UPST has the big Po-tential which, whether it works out one way or the other, cannot be denied by anyone solely focused on the numbers.

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There is only one Slob and he is ours.

Some things to consider if your aim is trading…

  • Short interest has been rising rapidly and as of 3/15 was 18% of float.

  • Volume has been rising rapidly in the last 3 months.

  • Price squiggles up and down have increased the last three months.


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Champ and Ears,
I love you’s guys.


It keeps