Portfolio Adjustments

This morning I relegated/demoted UPST to the Bench and used the funds from that to start a Bench level position in SNOW. Why did I send UPST to the Bench?

UPST is a company that, if successful in revolutionizing the adjudication of credit, could easily be a 10-15 bagger. Could happen. On the other hand, it is also the one roster component that - if it fails, could go to zero. It has no recurring revenue - does not imbed/ingratiate itself into company operations - it is a true pioneer.

So why SNOW?

Hard to say except that I like it much better below $200 than I did above $200 which is not to say it won’t go Lower from here.

I have a single tranche of cash left which I am potentially using today for all the STARTERS. But - since I tend to think we are going back to the 12,500 region at a minimum - there is no hurry.

All the Best,



Today we got a right good kicking. A one sided total rear end whooping. One of the worst if not the worst of this entire correction. Be that as it may - we are still here. I have the the roster whittled down to what I feel are among only the best of companies and and am all chock full-up on shares in them. Big Time.

I resisted the urge to use my last tranche of cash late today because I am fairly well convinced that
we are - at the minimum, retesting the low of the 12,500 area. Whether that occurs after a small rally or first thing tomorrow makes little difference as I will be using the remaining cash to pad/bolster/ and further augment the remaining roster players and then thats that. No more retreat to high ground - no more work to reposition the roster: It’s just Hunker Down time pure and simple.

All the Best,