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So how do you find out how long you have to hold a stock that pays a dividend? I can’t seem to find how long one has to hold LPG. I know about the ex div and date of record. Looking at Zim one has to hold the stock (ADR) from the exdiv date to the date the dividend is paid which is why I am seeking this information for LPG and it is eluding me…doc

Hi doc -

To get the dividend, you must buy before the ex-dividend date and hold it at least until the ex-dividend date. To have a potentially eligible dividend be considered “qualified”, you must hold the stock for more than 60 days in the 121 day period that starts 60 days before the ex-dividend date. To have any capital gains or losses considered long term, you must hold the stock for more than one full year.

I’m not sure what other requirements you are considering when it comes to holding periods for dividend stocks.

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Thank you very much…doc


@physician - any special circumstances related to the dividend payout are usually included in the Press release that details the particular earnings announcement. I don’t think the Dorian (LPG) dividend has the same nature as ZIM’s Q4 2022 payout

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