helpful insights

July 2011 I retired, physically exhausted, burned out, really unable to work anymore. I am so happy I retired when I did, I am healthy but worked way too much in yrs past so I kept wanting to go back to work. I tried one job not at all related to my profession (accounting) and quickly quit, happy I did.
A month ago I started working out of a temp agency, here in the Portland area there are not enough workers. Age 67 and back at work part time with a lot of other elder workers. Friends who work with me have repeatedly commented on how the management tends to like me ( I use to be in management yrs)I agree as I keep getting offered extra hrs of work. I never mention one of the reasons is my health, which allows me to be able to work hard and maintain a good attitude, I really like the work. This afternoon I got a call from the agency asking if I would like a job Monday to Friday no weekends, days only. I asked a few questions and then the killer was answered, yes it would be full time with full benefits, they know my work and need someone now, the pay is definitely respectable. You guys & gals comments make me feel good about refusing the job, I do not want full time work, the P/T allows me to take a trip overseas or time off anytime I want. I hear people comment all the time about not being able to get a job with decent pay and benefits, that is bogus, I had no experience in the job the employer wanted me to do, I would be trained. Many employers now require drivers extracts, tinkle tinkle tests which many people fail. Insurance companies will not insure employees who test positive for marijuana or other substances or have bad driving records.
I firmly believe the country is at full employment - this is my side note. love being retired, but 4 - 5 hrs 2 or 3 days a week is really nice also.