Quote From Internal TTD Memo - J. Green

CNBC has reviewed an internal company memo and cites a quote from Jeff Green about today’s Amazon announcement.

In a memo to employees that was reviewed by CNBC, The Trade Desk CEO Jeff Green said the deal is the company’s “most important initiative in [connected TV] to date.”

Important to note that according to Techcrunch, as of two months ago, Amazon FireTv had 34 million users which is more than Roku.

So this is a big deal!


The Trade Desk reports earnings on Thursday August 8th after the market closes. Companies typically enter a quiet period after a quarter closes and prior to the actual earnings announcement. I doubt if we will get much more info from the company itself until its results come our.

There are a number of other interesting observations in the CNBC article.

The company will now open up inventory of Amazon Publisher Services on third-party networks that show up in its Fire TV marketplace. Those are the ads that appear on apps from networks on the Amazon Fire TV devices, like Discovery or ESPN+. Amazon announced the change in a blog post on Friday.

Green also says in his memo that other services may follow Amazon’s lead.

He added that this is an indication that Amazon Publisher Services is supportive of the open internet. “Amazon Publishing Services is supporting the open internet, in contrast to other big tech walled gardens,” he wrote. “It’s a bold move which may drive action from other CTV aggregators.”


Dataxu is another advertising company.

Dataxu CEO Mike Baker said Amazon Publisher Services’ launch of a connected TV exchange “changes everything.”

Here is a link to the CNBC article.


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Really big deal. This is TTD landing the biggest fish in the CTV pond.

We’ve been talking about this moment since we first started talking about TTD. It always seemed like it was out in the future, gonna happen some day.

And now it’s here, so suddenly.

I hope they Zoom the earnings call I want to see Greens face as he explains this.



I hope they Zoom the earnings call I want to see Greens face as he explains this.

Just released Youtube video by Jeff Green (I get notifications from the channel). Not long and he didn’t say anything we don’t know. Still fun to watch and marks this very big announcement today.




wow… this is a big deal for TTD… ofcourse the price action has proved me wrong on my call to exit TTD a couple of months back, but getting on Amazon fireTV (and I presume a deal for Amazon Prime is included or coming soon) is a game changer for TTD…

I will be looking to see real impact of amazon deal on TTD and a good re-entry point… if one ever shows up!! Congrats to those long TTD, specially over last two months!!


It takes a bigger man to post that you sold and to congratulate those that have held.

So I’ll join in with you. Yesterday’s action and TTD growing into my biggest cloud holding several weeks ago, I sold 40% of my shares. I added 10% of that cash to MDB. Wanted to raise cash though coming into the fall.

Of course now after the news broke I wish a hadn’t sold any. I’ll wait to see if anyone can come up with any analysis of what this deal means to TTD in revenues going forward. It would seem that there are going to have to be some upgrades coming, especially from the analysts that just downgraded the stock very recently.

I may have to just throw most of that cash right back into TTD Monday. Ahhhh timing.

I’ll wait to see if anyone can come up with any analysis of what this deal means to TTD in revenues going forward. – TMB

Whatever you do…don’t hold your breath waiting for that.

Any quant analysis is going to be sheer guesswork. Too much optionality. Too many possibilities within those options.

Go back to 1998. Do you ask “What is Amazon going to do?” Who will have seen AWS coming? Or myriad other growth streams? A: No, Nobody and Nobody.

This is just good news. Significant good news. That should be sufficient at this point. Will someone come along and predict $X of added revenue from this Amazon shift and therefore we’ll see TTD at $875 in the 4th quarter of 2021? Maybe. But it would be really foolish…


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TTD is my second top position but the iPhone-user side of me has trouble reading anything these days as advertising becomes more and more prevalent in this medium.