The Amazon Press Release on Opening Up to TTD

Here’s a look at the Amazon Publishing Services announcement that has sparked today’s discussion and rally.…

The most common transaction model for advanced TV advertising is the private marketplace (PMP) deal, which combines the benefits of direct negotiation between buyers and sellers with the advantages of programmatic audience buying at scale. All APS-integrated CTV apps can now execute such deals with advertisers and agencies using our new advanced TV PMP service and the demand-side platforms (DSPs) Amazon DSP, dataxu TouchPoint, and The Trade Desk.

This follows very similarly to the move Hulu made at the beginning of the year. We discussed that here with a discussion about the way this works with the private marketplace.…

Couple of other notes.

Designed to maximize reach and access to supply.

APS enables PMPs with access to 100% of ad opportunities, unlike supply sources limited to remnant inventory and their place in the ad-server waterfall.

That sounds really important to me. Access to the best inventory on one of the most used CTV platforms.

Also, this new APS is seeking to be a solution for what many of us complain about for CTV ads which is continuously seeing a block of the same advertisements.

we support competitive separation and minimize repeat ads

I knew these things would take time and patience. The consumption inertia towards digital programming is creating the demand and solutions are falling into place as Green and all of us TTD pushers have thought it would. Happening faster than expected.




Not sure if this has been posted already but Jeff Green did a short breakdown of the Amazon deal on their YouTube channel: