Raylight - ATH Thread stuff?

Raylight - can you use your internet storage magic powers and pull up the last description of the All Time High thread?

Pretty sure it went unused in 2022, so don’t think I have access to it anymore.

let me know, thanks!

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Oh no! Found a broken thread. :frowning: Here’s the best I can do:

It only goes to 9/17/2021. Sadly, my copy ends abruptly at an even earlier date. The complete thread should have 191 messages.


Everyone should go thru that link when have some spare time.

It is both a time machine and you feel good as you remember how well we all did in 2020. Many kept the music going in 2021 also.

2022 was tough. Most/some of 2023 may be also.

But eventually we will be back to market-crushing returns befitting of bro hugs and backpats. And M&Ms. And chili cheese burritos at select taco bells nationwide.

Good luck all!



That thread is a ping-pong match between Dreamer and I, mostly. And I am nearly giddy and only 6 weeks from The Doom of November 9–going all in as the ship approached the iceberg. Gawd! Well, I get the “honor” of the last recorded post. Thanks to Raylight for his magic wand. I guess, “Thanks”. Kinda like watching Friday the 13th.



I get that…so many were up over 100% in 2020 though. Made my 77% 2020 gain seem paltry in comparison.


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