Links to the most valuable old threads?

I just found to my surprise that I could still follow links to many years old threads. Apparently TMF killed the boards with their move. Before everybody is gone and it’s too late for that:

Could people who copied valuable threads or have Links to them post them here? Like Jim’s “99 Day Rule”, Zeelotes “Dying Bullish Euphoria” etc. To start a link to the latter:

P.S.: I will try to post that on the BRK board too because I already don’t know any more whether Jim posted other valuable stuff like his “Easy ROE Strategy” or “10:1 market cap to pretax earning ratio” here or there.


To make sure your links won’t stop working you can use (and/or)

I’m sincerely hoping that MF will consider keeping the old boards up for a long enough time - in one way or another. The community will find solutions to preserve and reference the past, given time.

// Raylight


said2 - I will make a small contribution. The following link will download my working copy of the GTR1 Dummies manual. Although the manual is horribly out of date, I did keep pertinent references updated through 11_10_21. I had hoped to update the manual to reflect the more recent references, but life got in the way.

Paste the above link into a browser tab and the file will open in the file, and can be downloaded from there.

I hope someone will pick up the Dummies manual and take responsibility for keeping it up to date.

Creating a download library with even the highlights of 20+ years of institutional knowledge is an enormous undertaking; there has to be a better solution.



This may be relevant for helping dig out valuable old threads:


Datahelper is also your friend. Implement a search & then investigate.


I’m downloading old posts referred to in the FAQ, especially about the bearcatchers and GTR1, and selected top 20 hits of Mungo’s, for re-constitution here in the coming weeks.