RB Podcast: stocks for 2018

A few respected MF anaylysts join Dave to talk about some stocks they think will be good for 2018. There might be a couple in here the board would like to research.

Rick Munarriz: (Rick made the 2 best picks in Rule Breaker history: NTES in 2004 ($11.68 up 31x) BIDU (up 28x since picked in 2006). Streaming video is still growing and will be big in the future. China still in early stages. India could be the new China in the future, once it starts building a middle class like China, but still early now. Looking for opportunities in South America. He likes MOMO, down, but still growing.

TDOC. Can have a virtual doctors for simple problems, no more waiting in offices. Much cheaper for insurance companies. Believes it will catch on. Camping World (CWH). Leader in RV market, consolidating and industry that needs consolidating. Pandora (P) : Has been hammered, but still has 73 million active listeners. Had a take out offer from Sirius a while back at $15, but now sitting at $5. Thinks it could get bought out in 2018 or that it finds a way to turn things around and make a profit on its own .

Sarah Goddard: pay attention to consumer discretionary and restaurants, they have easy comparisons going forward. CMG has other issues, so as they become a tailwind and if the economy grows, more people go to work and more people go lunch.
Zillow (Z) has been down and flat while digesting the Trulia acquisition, some litigation, but in 2018 it will start yoy having comparisons over bad quarters (more people working will help). Dave likes Zillow alot. Exicted about Disney, thinks the streaming service will be beyond what people are thinking and it will be a strong competitor. Esports will continue to grow, so if picking 3-5 years out, look at ATVI, NTES and EA.

NUVA - spent a lot and 2 years on building a factory that is due to complete early 2018. People may be forgetting this and that comparisons will be much better in 2018 as their spending will go down. (was already on Pete’s hot watch list.)

Simon Erickson: (with Motely Fool Exporer). Looking at the “Space Economy”, which is mostly Military and commercial satellites, but seeing a lot of start up companies forming around the space economy. Expects to see satellite constillations fot the telecom industry to improve phone reception and to exand broadband around the world.

2U (TWOU): Allows graduate courses from accreidted (major) universities that are already in place. For instance they have 10 year contracts with UNC and Rice> They keep a little over 50% of the tuition. DaveG said he likes 2u a lot.

iRobot (IRBT): Starting to see roomba in Lowes and Home Depot, which means they are “affordable” to the mass market and are a step ahead of their competitors.


PuddingHead42, I too listened to this podcast - informative! This podcast has become one of my “go-to” listens.

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