Re-keying door

So I have a 65 year old house and I think it’s time to replace the back door. Single pane glass, wood is cracked, 20 coats of paint…solid though! It honestly never occurred to me that a small rock is all you’d need to break in.

When I get a new door, how difficult is it to re-key the front door to match? I’m pretty sure the front is far newer it’s in good shape. And to re-key both going forward? (Rental).


I recommend ordering easily rekeyed locks for all the doors. Then is 4 years down the road you find you want to “change your locks” the whole process is simply buying more keys – no need for a locksmith. You can easily remove your current locks are install the new ones.

There are lots of videos both on the site below and YouTube.…

Look at the Support tab for installation and re-keying instructions.

You get a couple of keys. I would keep both those keys in a drawer — use them only to have your daily use key made at HomeDepot/Lowes.

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