Read the FAQ top to bottom. Have some questions.


Thank you for sharing your investment strategies. I read the FAQ top to bottom and outlined the important points to me in my personal investing workbook, I have a lot of additional homework ahead of me. I collected the following questions as there were gaps in explanations on certain points.

The following list represents 16 questions. I think its a significant number, probably an unreasonable amount to expect to be answered, so I appreciate any response received.

I know the following are not hard and fast rules, but guidelines. You mention position sizes (oversized/medium/average) around 4.5%, with the number of stocks you average, those being around 20. That would make sense. 20/100%=5%. So a full (average) position would be 5%, (medium) half 2.5%, quarter 1.25%? [Post 4830]

What do you use for a news feed application?

What is your position on gold and real estate as a way to diversify your portfolio? Having your entire net worth 100% in stocks seems risky to me.

Regarding mining/drilling/natural resource stocks and their boom/bust cycle, why not buy on the down cycle? [Post 6]

Why do you not invest in options or bonds? [Post 6]

Why are you 100% invested in stocks and have no dry powder to take advantage of major events such as the pending Greece default? You appear to think that timing the market is or nearly impossible so don’t even try, this is counter to MF recommendations around keeping some dry powder.[Post 6]

How often do you re-evaluate your investments? [Post 26]

You mention one of the reasons you sell is when the price has gotten way out of line, how do you determine that? [Post 18]

How do you determine if a PE is reasonable? You have mentioned 20x. Why is 20x the magic number?[Post 3115]

On growth, where do you find out the addressable size of a market? [Post 6]

You mention Rule Breakers a lot in your posts. Would you recommend subscribing to the RB service? [Post 6]

How are value stocks different than growth stocks. I looked it up and it appears value investing is just buying a stock below it’s actual value. That sounds a lot like growth stocks, but growth stocks derive their value from future growth. Where value stocks derive their “value” from buying them below their true price? [Post 50]

Do you use stops with your positions? [Post 435]

If you can average 30-35% a year why are you not managing OPM and skimming?

How many hours a month do you spend managing your portfolio?

What is your opinion of technical analysis? I view it as pseudoscience that may only reap rewards due to the reading of human nature, i.e self-fulling prophecies.

The following is a comment.

Regarding your comment about focusing on management interested in making a profit. I don’t agree with you on this one. Your example able Amazon and Jeff Bezos not mentioning profit as a priority. All companies by default want profit, some focus on innovation that eventually produce profit.[Post 6]