Record COVID cases hit China

The Chinese government is now shoveling against the tide as COVID cases rise to levels which we would consider trivial, but to levels which may no longer be containable despite their best efforts. The good news is that Omicron variants seem relatively benign and they have avoided the original more deadly ones as well as the major portion of their population being vaccinated. The bad news is when you apply the statistics that were exhibited in the west to the Chinese population, the results of a national breakout on their hospital (and mortuary) systems may be overwhelming.



Sadly here in Sonoma County, we’re flying blind, once the case counts f dropped to single digits, they stopped the daily reporting, so we really don’t know.

In out overall family, from SoCal to local, suddenly we have4 or 5 cases of positives, no serious illness, but it makes us all nervous. All the seniors are triple boosted, and no problems, so we’re going ahead with our Thanksgiving gathering, but minus the Grandkids… Too scary for them, as they need to travel, work, so a smaller table this time…