RELY to the moon?

I’m puzzled by the chart. I wonder if it has something to do with the recent buy out of Moneygram, and some private concern is trying to do the same with RELY?
Anyways, a buy/write position for next month’s (September) $25 calls will get you an annualized yield of about 30%.
I did a buy/write for RELY quite a while ago, the call I sold was long term (July). It closed for a very decent return. I thought the share price was too high for me to repeat the trade. Shows how much I know. P.S. I stumbled across RELY after watching an Anthony Bourdain “Parts Unknown” episode. And from remembering the huge Asian population on Kodiak that I worked with in seafood processing plants. And since I had done so well with buy/write trades with Moneygram ever since the pandemic first started, I decided to start watching the stock price.