Hello Guys,

I am going to write a Put or two on CALL today and wanted the opinion of anyone who cares to share, what they think CALL’s price will be in September. I am picking Sept in order to give their marketing plan a time to percolate, viz., 10,000 new outlets to keep churn of the device down (or perhaps improve sales) and, their rollout of the new and improved device as well as a modified app and new marketing plan to upsell international call plans to free app subscribers.

September premiums are pretty good (3.6% return per month…did I say pretty good?) but this hinges on what we think the price will be in September. Since Black Scholes probably knows more than me, I thought I would reality check my plan with some stock pros.

If it goes higher than $22.50, I’ll have lowered my cost basis by $4.50 per share and I will profit on the shares I already own.

If it stays the same or sags lower, I can either buy more depending upon the integrity of the thesis between now and September, or, roll my put out, up or down, etc.

So best guesses are valuable here, but NOT to offload my responsibility for a decision but to help your buddy crystallize his plan.

Any body?
PS not necessarily looking for option advice here but rather, best guesses on CALL’s marketing plan rollout and hence, the price in September.

For Option plays you should go to the SA Option site.
As this is Saul’s page and we all know he does not use options.
Otherwise I like the idea of an option play on CALL, but I need to do some more digging

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Otherwise I like the idea of an option play on CALL, but I need to do some more digging

Thanks Erik,
I will go there for option plays but here I I was acutally looking for stock info since I have to set my Exp and Strike price, so I was looking for some estimates but the esteemed numbers readers on what their expectations were on price and timetable.

I worded my request wrong and I see that by your comments so thanks for giving me the opportunity to correct and ask more clearly.

PS I already placed an option trade but still, I’d like to confirm my estimate of the future (price and timing potential) is supported by someone else.