Requesting a new Category

Is there a way to request the creation of a new category, analogous to how one would request the creation of a new board back in the old system?

Riffing of a post I saw on METAR, where someone noted that surely there was a crypto board. I actually don’t believe there is a crypto category. It’s enough of an investing topic (emerging segment? trend? craze?) that it might warrant having its own “board” - but I don’t see any way to request that a new “board” be opened.


How about this category –


That’s exactly it - but how would one find that category, or know it existed? Is there a way to search the list of categories, the way we would search for a Board name back on Boards 1.0?


Just use the search box on the top right and it comes up:


If we wanted to create a new category, for example a new Investment Analysis Club, what would be the process to request one?


Sorry for the double post. With the edit, I can’t delete altogether.

TMF1138, that’s helpful - but super counterintuitive. You get that dropdown if you type crypto but don’t hit enter - as in actually submit it for search. If you type crypto and follow it with an enter, you don’t see the category - you see only individual posts, and not the category listing:

So, now I know - but that’s really strange that you can only get the information from the search box if you don’t actually enter the search term.

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Ok, the simple alternative is to just go to advanced search:

And then choose categories and tags:

Thanks! And although I’m one foot in the curmudgeon category of disliking change and being sore about losing so many of the old boards, I do appreciate that you guys have been on point helping all of us figure out how the new system works. You all have been super helpful and responsive, and I for one appreciate it greatly.


I simply searched the entire list for something that sounded relevant. If you are in desktop mode, then the center column will show you all the categories –

You can find all the tags here –