A simple suggestion

While I compile my list of other suggestions, I ask this one:

Why must “boards” now be “categories”? Why not call those “boards”? Or at the very least “categories/boards” so your long time users have one less thing to learn overnight?

And why must “stocks” now be “tags”? Why not call those “stocks” or “companies” or something familiar? Or how about “tags/companies”? “Tags” doesn’t mean anything in any world; why invent new nomenclature that nobody uses? Again, we’ve been thrown in the deep end; why muddy the water further while we’re trying to adapt to all of this?


I call them both. In discourse terminology, they are categories. In our more familiar terminology they are discussion boards.

Not all tags are stocks/companies. But, all stocks/companies are tags.

One thing about the new boards is that you can tag one post with 2 to 4 tags. So, you can know by looking at the title that the post discusses tesla and ford, as an example.


Yes, and it sounds like an easy change to make.



These posts all sound kinda cranky to me… Wish folks would just get over it!!!

What’s the saying… You can’t teach old dogs new tricks???

Didn’t think folks here were such old dogs!!!

– nothing personal to anyone here - just a general observation :wink: