Resolving Ambiguous Charts

Take a look at the chart for RES. Is it a ‘Buy’ or not?

Positives: TSI has turned up. There’s a nearby lookback low. The most recent price bar has turned ‘green’ at the end of a string of red ones.

Negatives: The chief negative is that SAR hasn’t yet signaled a 'Buy" by turning ‘green’. But that might be due to the math that drives how SAR plots. So let’s checkto see what RES is doing using actual prices, some MAs, and another indicator.

INHO, that’s as clear a breakout as one needs to open a position, suggesting that while a chart template based on HA bars offers speed and ease of analysis, sometimes something a bit more granular can be helpful.


If one believes that most stocks go up and down in a zig zag pattern (which I do) within a range defined by weeks to months then this chart and your explanation makes good sense. BTW I agree that this looks like a buy but it looks like it is swinging to a sell. The thing about the buy sell is that you can’t get the absolute bottom and you can’t get the absolute top. Be happy with the profit whatever it is. (that old hogs saying)

What is the PARTP? I can’t find anything on what that is. Thanks…doc

What is the PARTP?
PARTP at the top is the green and red dots aka Parabolic Time/Price (SAR).

Let’s peruse the following at your leisure.


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So the green and blue dots (entry exit) are the Parabolic SAR indicators. I’ve seen some crazy drops - AEHR for instance today.

Thank you both. Next is trying to figure out a screener…doc


AEHR’s drop today isn’t a surprise, nor is it overdone, not when AEHR’s PE is 81x and fair value is $10.72.

I don’t care that this is a charting site. Fundamentals matter, and they are what makes charts, in both the near and long term. The back and forth slosh of buyers
and sellers is just that, slosh, as each discounts every fact and rumor.

Also, pull a chart for AEHR. For a month now, it’s been in a sideways stall no matter that Yahoo Finance has been running endless cheer leading articles. Even better, pull a 1-year chart with weekly bars. What you’re seeing is four waves. AEHR is headed lower.

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