Revenue Acceleration added to the spreadsheet

In the spirit of showing how earnings may also be accelerating for revenue I added another tab to show this info. The new columns show YoY, 9o9, 6o6 and 3o3 revenue when comparing this years figures to last year.

Note this is not quite the same as showing a trailing TTM as it is accelerating/progressing over the year. To do that you need to go back for another 12 months of data entry for revenue and EPS. This is the way Neil computes his acceleration (which I do like). I’m not opposed to this manner of computing acceleration for the spreadsheet, but it would require some changes to the sheet and another round in data collection. I’ll leave that up to a discussion and/or vote.

Also, just to round everything out I added another indicator on the main tab to show revenue acceleration if it exists. This way you can get a glimpse of the info without cluttering up the main tab.

For reference, the spreadsheet is located here:…



Kevin, this is really amazing. Thanks a ton for putting it together. Lots to consider!

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