Review of two rich men in the news

Reading George Soros’ investing career I see some terms like, broke the pound, caused issues with the the Finnish Currency and exploited problems
with Asian currencies.

These are major profits and high lights of George Soros’s career.

Elon Musk - Wikipedia

Reading Elon Musk’s wikipedia, I see he was a principle involved in an online
mapping company, a principle involved in one of the first federally insured online banks,

Elon Musk was a principle involved in building the first reusable rocket.

Elon Musk is the principle involved in bringing high speed internet to rural and
difficult places.

Elon Musk has been one of the longest ruling CEO’s of a major car company and saw over the growth of Tesla from a start up to the most valuable car company ever.

I could go on, but the general idea is that George Soros has exploited weaknesses in governance to accumulate wealth without creating anything of value.

Elon Musk has accumulated wealth
by taking risks and gathering the wealth created by other people, specifically those that work for him and invest with him.

I do not know the details of each man’s personal life nor what drives them. I really do not care. However, seeing just the facts of George Soros’ professional life makes me at least sympathetic with Elon Musk’s attitude. Also, having read some inside stories about Elon Musk, I have to believe when he speaks, not necessarily when he tweets, he gives his words a lot of thought. If he gives the same thought to his tweets, then one can expect that he is several moves ahead of the twitter brouhaha. I have non confidence that is is true and suspect that his tweets are just down time in the toilet.

I doubt that either man has my interest at heart and am not sure I would bother to put either one out if they were on fire. If I did trouble myself I am confident I would use used beer rather than fresh beer.



So you are less sympathetic to Soros because he was extremely successful exploiting currency inefficiencies with his hedge fund. Kind of like what everyone on this board tries to do when they look for undervalued companies (or overvalued ones if you short stocks) in the stock market. I’ve heard some guy named Buffett who has a decent track record finding bargains.

Soros has been very generous giving much of his wealth away and Musk has pledged to give away most of his wealth, too. I believe he will.

Good for both of them.

Personally, I judge people by how they act and what they say.


Soros is trying to support the 80% of American workers who have not really had much of a raise in 40 years.

Musk is trying to build a lot of the future.

The two are not mutually exclusive.

Musk is slamming Soros as Jewish if you look into the stereo types Musk is perpetuating. Musk is finding his audience because neither he or his audience have any problem with antisemitism.

There is a recurring theme with Musk about how cold the world is to him.

There is a recurring theme to Soros about how he wants to make the life of ordinary Americans better. That is scorned on the right in the US.


The builders of the Space Shuttle main engines and solid rocket boosters would be very surprised to hear this.