Ritholtz: $F to $TSLA, We Got It From Here

Ford to Tesla: “We got it from here”
June 17, 2022 11:29am by Barry Ritholtz


Spending a week with the Ford F-150 lightning left me with no doubt about a few things:

-The truck is going to be a huge hit (even if I don’t feel the need to be an early adopter).

-The transition to EVs is going to happen much faster than people expect;

-Ford has gotten its game together and is going to be a serious challenger to Tesla. They’re fit and finish is vastly superior, but Tesla still has the edge in terms of software and programming.

-Don’t be surprised to see an electrified version of the smash hit Bronco within two years also.

-We are already past peak ICE, but they will stay on the road for another 10 to 20 years after initial sale;

-Credit to Elon Musk (and Jeff Bezos) for driving us into the future.

EVs are here, and the future is coming fast. Faster than you might think…


Please post this over at METaR. It would be great to see something other than rising inflation and impending recession posts there.

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John, please feel to share it over there if you wish. Use the link and your own words, no need to crosspost from here to there. I’m staying over here and catching up on reading. I hope this finds you in good health.