Rob! Enough!!!

Yes, and who is responsible for setting the tone around here to make sure it stays positive and pleasant? I would say the onus is on Saul, as curator of the board, to keep the discussion objective and positive and stripped of the highly charged emotions (FUD) that the short sellers are hoping to instill in shareholders. But he didn’t do that— his response to the short attacks was first to jump back and forth in and out of the stock, express consternation that other board participants found his behavior bewildering and unhelpful, and finally shut down completely and refuse to talk about it, coming up for air only when he found more things to worry about on Seeking Alpha.

Rob, you are so obviously severely unhappy with me, and the way I handle things, what the Heck are you doing posting on “Saul’s Investing Discussion” Board. No one is forcing you to be here. If you don’t like the way this board is run, and the way I do things, you are welcome to start your own board, as I stated before. Right at the top of this post there’s a title “Start a New Board”. That’s all it takes. This board is meant for civil conversation and discussion of investing methods and interesting stocks, not continuing feuds. You are a guest here. Go away until you calm down.