Robot + AI = Smart robot

Aided by A.I. Language Models, Google’s Robots Are Getting Smart

Our sneak peek into Google’s new robotics model, RT-2, which melds artificial intelligence technology with robots.
Kevin Roose

By Kevin Roose, The New York Times, July 28, 2023

A quiet revolution is underway in robotics, one that piggybacks on recent advances in so-called large language models — the same type of artificial intelligence system that powers ChatGPT, Bard and other chatbots.

Google has recently begun plugging state-of-the-art language models into its robots, giving them the equivalent of artificial brains. The secretive project has made the robots far smarter and given them new powers of understanding and problem-solving…

In recent years, researchers at Google had an idea. What if, instead of being programmed for specific tasks one by one, robots could use an A.I. language model — one that had been trained on vast swaths of internet text — to learn new skills for themselves?..

Google’s new robotics model, RT-2, is what the company calls a “vision-language-action” model, or an A.I. system that has the ability not just to see and analyze the world around it, but to tell a robot how to move.

It does so by translating the robot’s movements into a series of numbers — a process called tokenizing — and incorporating those tokens into the same training data as the language model. Eventually, just as ChatGPT or Bard learns to guess what words should come next in a poem or a history essay, RT-2 can learn to guess how a robot’s arm should move to pick up a ball or throw an empty soda can into the recycling bin… [end quote]

The robot’s connection to AI helps it interpret instructions like “pick up the extinct animal” to reaching for a dinosaur. It can see and place items onto a specific target, such as a German flag, using AI to distinguish the flags of different countries.

A robot that can see, refer to AI for information and program its own movements is a step change toward a smart robot.


I’ve seen a video of ai robots that learn to play a game like soccer and develop their own strategy to score against the competition. That implies much potential for learned self improvement.

If robots can play football, what would happen to all the functional illiterates that go to college to play football? Football playing robots would upend the entire sports-obsessed Shiny “education” system.


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The NFL would become the NRL–National Robotics League (humans need not apply). Poof !! go ALL college sports leagues. Why? No $$$.

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Do you remember those robot war videos you used to find on cable? Robots blasting each other with axes, saws, flame throwers, etc.

Imagine with competition with ai robots!! Such excitement. Entertainment.

Or visualize a robot Indy 500 race. How fast can they go without spinning out or crashing. And strategies to block the competition. So much fun. Firey crashes? And no blood and guts involved.

BATTLEBOTS!!! But, I only really cheered the teams that I liked and I loved when it was a family team working together. Just the bots themselves figuring out for themselves…ehhhh.
I think a 100% robot game league would get boring super fast.

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