ROKU - Apple TV

In case you are wondering why Roku is up today the reason is…

If I am reading this correct the Apple TV + may not be a big deal but the Apple TV App is probably widely used. Of course this is not exclusive to Roku but it suggests Apple moving away from its Apple TV box (the hw part). See more info here:…


Oh, the irony. Roku took a big hit the first time Apple announced this product despite the fact Apple’s own release highlighted Roku as one of the main ways to access the service. Now that Roku’s basically reconfirming what Apple’s already stated and noting it goes live on 11/1, the stock has popped. Man, the market is a fickle beast.

Personally, I’m marking this as my umpteenth example of the importance of understanding the underlying business thesis of the companies I own. Congratulations to those who might have taken advantage of the buying opportunity the first time around.