Runaway Tesla Caught On Many Cameras in China

Details leaking on Twitter along with much conjecture. Some Chinese claim the car was on “summons” but we have heard the Summons feature on Teslas has been disengaged by the company. Some say there is no driver in the car. How does that work? Were you the driver of this car, would you be driving with your foot stomped on the accelerator while trying to avoid hitting people in this harrowing ride? I don’t think so.

Warning! Two people died in this series of collisions. You’re going to see this car hit numerous stationary and moving objects. I am amazed it was only two people who died. And it did look as though someone behind the wheel was trying to avoid hitting people on mopeds, bikes, walking, driving cars, etc.

Still, why wouldn’t a driver take his foot off a pedal if he’s mistaking it for the brakes? Whatever, the video is everythwere on Twitter and I’ll be surprised if Musk doesn’t end up taking this down:

The supposed driver of this car gives his background. It will be hard to dismiss his complaints about the brakes (supposedly we can see the brake lights momentarily flash in this video), what with his career of driving lorries:

There are fanbois on Twitter who swear the video is “fake.” How does one fake at least one-dozen camera angles, same car, screaming down a narrow street, collision after collision.

Oh, and now the Chinese authorities are investigating:

2 minute read · November 13, 2022 8:25 AM UTC · Last Updated 13 hours ago

Tesla says it will assist police probe into fatal crash in China


[1/4] A Tesla car pictured at a charging point in Beijing, China, April 13, 2018. REUTERS/Thomas Peter/File Photo

BEIJING, Nov 13 (Reuters) - U.S. automaker Tesla (TSLA.O) said on Sunday it will assist Chinese police investigating a crash involving one of its Model Y cars after local media reports said two people had died and three were injured when the driver lost control of the vehicle.

The incident on Nov. 5 in the southern province of Guangdong killed a motorcyclist and a high school girl, Jimu News reported, posting a video of a car driving at high speed crashing into other vehicles and a cyclist.

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The video seems real enough, but there’s nothing unusual there. No brake lights. As with all similar stories, it will turn out to be human error. The guy pushed the accelerator when he meant to push the brake, then panicked.

The only “Tesla” issues are that given its powerful acceleration, when you make that mistake then bad stuff happens fast; and given its weight it’s very destructive.

But the video has already been examined carefully and it’s just another sad human story, not a problem with the vehicle. People are just really bad drivers sometimes.


Tesla is fully cooperating with the authorities on a crash that killed two and injured three. According to the company, the driver pressed the accelerator pedal the entire time of the incident, and did not brake, but quickly pressed the parking button several times.