Sabotage offshore wind?

The details come from a joint investigation by public broadcasters in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. It says Russia has a fleet of vessels disguised as fishing trawlers and research vessels in the North Sea. They carry underwater surveillance equipment and are mapping key sites for possible sabotage…

A Danish counter-intelligence officer says the sabotage plans are being prepared in case of a full conflict with the West while the head of Norwegian intelligence told the broadcasters the programme was considered highly important for Russia and controlled directly from Moscow.



Cables and pipelines have always been difficult to defend. Ditto transportation modes like railroads bridges and airports.

They are obvious targets. And in an age of drone warfare especially vulnerable.


I am wondering what this says about what is in Putin’s head.

Wont ever know or really care about the filth in that mind.

If the BBC is finally discussing this I am sure we have mapped out where each of those ships are.


It seems unlikely that Russia would target individual windmills, there are going to be thousands of them, perhaps tens of thousands. Much easier would be the distribution nodes where the power is collected and/or massaged into the grid. In the era of a smart bomb, and GPS isolated locations of where the windmills are, why would you go after such small targets when much richer targets exist? And even if you needed to wait until the initial strikes are done (command & control) there’s not risk. It’s not as though the windmills are going to be moving.


I agree. But they probably all connect to underwater cables that go to shore. They are vulnerable and hard to protect. Ditto pipelines bringing oil and natural gas to shore.

And of course they have the coordinates of all power generating plants ready to target (as they have in Ukraine). And probably seaports.

Underwater drones could probably be programmed to do the job at the push of a button.

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Drag a heavy anchor over the cables… Amazing the disruption that can cause with no visible damage on the surface. Still no one knows who did Nord Stream in.

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