Sam Bankman to be sentenced today

The WSJ has thoughtfully put up a chart of prison sentences handed out for corporate wrongdoing. While there is no indication of what Sam might get (prosecutors ask for 50, his attorney ask for 6), the chart is a quick and easy way to compare once the verdict comes down:

Let’s start a pool.

My money is on 4 years.

FTX has made good on everyone’s money. SBF just got unlucky in his timing. He would be up on charges either way for bad bookkeeping but it would be 4 years.

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You and Sam lose.


He can cut that in half with good behavior.

He might be able to appeal the sentence. Things have changed. If it is negotiable he will appeal.

…maybe he makes a surreptitious donation to a winning pol and gets a get out of jail free card?

d fb

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He has no money.
In fact he is asking for the return of donations.
Once the money dries up politicians no longer answer the phone.

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I don’t think so. Federal prisoners tend to serve 90% plus of their sentence. Of course, he could get a presidential pardon with the right campaign contribution.


For those who just want the answer:

25 years


Would not bet on that. The former mayor of Detroit, after doing time on state corruption charges, went to the Federal slammer for another 28 years. TFG commuted his sentence to time served, 7 years, and sprung him. If Kilpatrick has a stash anywhere, a lot of people would like to know about it, as he owes Detroit some $4.8M in restitution.


In Federal prisons violent criminals 90% for good behavior. Nonviolent criminals up to 50% off which ironically favors white-collar criminals. It was meant to balance things for nonviolent minorities in prison.

Emma Bell received two years probation and was fined $330,000 in back taxes as part of a plea deal where she testified that she frequently handed Kilpatrick large amounts of cash skimmed from campaign accounts.

By November 2009, Kilpatrick was on the stand in Detroit to explain his apparent poverty. He claimed to have no knowledge about who paid for his million-dollar home, Cadillac Escalades, and other lavish expenses.

Kilpatrick is a corrupt politician who likely stashed some of his Ill gotten monies in off shore accounts.
I cannot believe TFG pardoned him without a payoff of some kind.

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It wasn’t a pardon. He still has the multiple convictions on his record. The sentence was commuted to time served.

The local news covered those hearings. The same judge that presided over the trial was hearing all Kilpatrick’s whining. I could tell from the judge’s body language that he was soooo tired of Kilpatrick’s shucking and jiving.

For a while, Kilpatrick was in the Federal jug in Milan, MI, which is right next to US23. As I was driving past, on my way to my aunt’s, I would laff in his direction and say “don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time, you sack of slime”.