Saul's Board

I had the pleasure and good fortune last week to spend time with John Sergeant and his wife Anna during their stop here in Oregon on their second Tesla cross-country adventure. While their Model S was parked at a nearby Supercharger, we went out to lunch. We discussed a number of investment and TMF issues and interests. We both commented on the remarkable increase in activity on Saul’s board. Great posts and shared wisdom attracts other dedicated writers,talented financial experts, and creative thinkers. Every day it seems another wise sage joins the board. This in turn drives exponential growth in posts. Approaching ten thousand posts since the beginning of January 2014. It seems this is the go-to board for some of the best investment discussions in Fooldom, my first stop when I check the boards.

Although I follow my own path, I am forced daily to seriously consider the ideas put forth on this board and question and adjust my investing strategy.

I know I’m restating the obvious but this is my way of communicating my appreciation for Saul and everyone else who frequents this board.