6 Hours With Saul & Friends

Thanks to John Sergeant shoutouts on other boards, I’ve lurked here occasionally, following and un-following as time allowed.

Yesterday, I decided to review all of the 4200+ messages.

I started in on Saul’s early posts about his approach, process, method, intuition, hunches, and general wisdom.

I quickly realized that reading all posts was way beyond the time I had. So instead, I hit the highest-rated posts (10 or 20 recs or more, depending on the topic) or other strings that interested me.

What fun it was to scan over 10 months of posts in the course of about 6 hours.

There have been philosophical discussions, random words of wisdom, the Quillnpen Kerfuffle, Neil’s initial and evolving KnowledgeBase/FAQ Index Of All Saul, the AYEYE’s have it strings, the reviews and re-reviews of favorite and un-favorite Rule Breaker picks, a few misunderstandings and apologies, and the steady, ongoing hum of reasoned, thoughtful discussion.

I’m riding with Saul and this crowd forever.



Thanks John for taking the time to go through the posts, and especially for your nice thoughts and comments. Hope to see you around from now on. Please feel free to comment any time.


For FAQ’s and Knowledgebase
please go to Post #4020

I’m riding with Saul and this crowd forever.


Welcome aboard!

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