Saul's portfolio


Kind of new here.

  1. Is there a place that shows what is Saul’s portfolio currently?
  2. I hear he’s done really well for himself, what has been his returns?

Thanks in advance,

On the right-hand side of the page, when you look at the posts, is a link to the Knowledge Base. (If you have trouble finding it, do a Google Search on Saul’s Investing Discussions + Knowledge Base. It is in 3 posts.)

Saul has end-of-month summaries of his portfolio, published the last weekend of each month.

Here is a link to a Google Docs document with links to all of his portfolio summaries. Copy-n-pasted from my browser. I don’t know if any part of it needs to be taken off, such as the “mobilebasic” part, or not.…

Welcome to the Board! Read the KnowledgeBase thoroughly and get well-acquainted with it. The Board members are generous with sharing info on their favorite companies, but they don’t have a lot of patience for more general questions about investing basics, which are covered thoroughly in other boards.


In a browser to see the right hand column, click on an already existing thread, then it shows up.
If you want Saul, GouchoChris, or PaulWBryant’s latest end of month portfolio. Just go to latest dates and scroll back looking at Author column. They all should appear around end of each month, in this case, the latest month.

Long Saul, Goucho, PaulWBryant


Thank you. I saw that after I posted.

New to the board. Not new to investing (30 years under my belt).

Thanks again.