$SBUX Pro-Union Memphis Employees Fired


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Memphis Starbucks employees were fired for organizing.

I will not let it be lost in the next news cycle.

The Memphis Starbucks employees were fired for organizing.

9:37 AM · Feb 12, 2022·Twitter

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New York (CNN Business)Starbucks fired seven workers who were involved in unionizing in Memphis, Tennessee, fueling accusations that the company is retaliating against a growing labor movement at its locations across the United States.

Starbucks (SBUX) denied that the firings were linked to the employees’ organizing efforts. A company spokesman, Reggie Borges, said the workers were fired for serious security violations.

The firings stem from an incident last month in which the employees allowed members of the media into the store as part of the public launch of their unionization effort.

$SBUX releases new anti-union argument website: