$SBUX NRLB Demands Schultz Apologize to Workers

Vice headline: NLRB Demands Starbucks’ Anti-Union CEO Record Video, Send Apologies to Workers

Sub-headline: The National Labor Relations Board is demanding that Howard Schultz apologize personally to workers for union busting tactics.

By Samantha Cole
August 26, 2022, 11:24a


The Biden administration wants Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to read his employees their union rights on video and send them apology letters for illegally withholding raises from union workers.

The National Labor Relations Board found in a complaint filed on Wednesday that the company is unlawfully withholding benefits from employees in unionized or unionizing stores. It alleges that Schultz, who is worth roughly $4 billion, threatened employees and told them it would be “futile” to side with the union on several occasions, including “during a video call to all US employees, in a corporate weekly update, and in a Quarter 2 earnings call,” according to a statement from the NLRB.

It also alleges that the company set up a benefits program that would be exclusive to non-unionized workers, that would include “higher pay, faster sick time accrual, increased training opportunities, and more.”

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