Secrets the rich won’t tell you

I see this on clickbait all the time. “Secrets to getting rich the wealthy won’t tell you.”

Like there’s a secret that magically unlocks millions. Well I’ll save you some time.

Here’s the secret!

  1. Be born to wealthy parents


  1. Win the lottery (although a surprising number of these end up poor again)


  1. create a ground breaking product


  1. Live below your means and invest the rest into index funds at regular intervals.

There. I’m rich and I gave away the “secret”. Booya.


Sometimes simply saying “Live below your means” does not really cover the issues that come up.
Just as buying “index funds” does not really cover investment issues that arise.

Develop and use good judgement about spending and investing. Learn about the things you consider
buying - whether “stuff” or an investment. Know about maintaining the things you buy, the expected
life of the things you buy and figure how they should be used - and that you really want to use
them in such a manner. Figure out if the price you are considering paying is a reasonable price.

Currently looking through the contents of a home and considering what to keep and what to give
away or toss before a temporary move.


Numbers 1-3 are pretty much luck. #4 is doable by lots of people, but not everyone. If enough people do #4, eventually the standard of living rises sufficiently such that the life style of today’s rich will no longer be considered the lifestyle of the rich.

Lifestyle inflation is just as real as financial inflation.

You forgot marry a good looking billionaire.

Or arrange to get adopted by one.


You forgot marry a good looking billionaire.

Wait, what do the spouse’s looks have to do with it? In this context at least, rich is rich.

Also, just “multi-millionaire” is rich enough for me, but then again, I’m already married. And I’m not multi yet (thanks recession) but my method of choice was mostly “be born a white male”, because my parent (singular) was quite poor and died a third of my life ago. The rest I owe to TMF.

(calls to mind a “Money” magazine listicle many years ago on ways to become a millionaire, in which one of them was actually ‘Just start UnderArmour out of your dorm room’.)


True, if I got into it you need to earn enough to be able to live below your means without going hungry, which for DH and I meant getting an education, and then don’t marry someone who spends like a drunken sailor.

We are pretty careful with purchases too. Every car is vetted against the reliability charts in Consumers Reports magazine and oil changes and maintenance are by the book, making it possible to keep cars as long as 16 years (our recently sold mini van had 265,000 miles on it, purchased new). That does keep big expenses down. Don’t neglect home, auto or self maintenance.


Don’t worry about keeping up with the Joneses, they probably won’t like you anyway. Pay yourself first (invest early and consistently). Start a Roth IRA early in life and buy the best, fastest growing innovative companies. Only have one car payment at a time per couple, buy the best built reliable cars (not flashy expensive cars) maintain them and keep them a long time. Research expensive purchases and buy quality. Make wise decisions in choosing a spouse (loyal, hard working, similar interests and money views), teach your kids how to manage Money and do the things I’ve mentioned above so you’re not bailing them out their whole life. Take care of your health, work hard and be a lifelong learner.

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