In the companies behind the letters (2) I wrote about SEDG that:

I have SEDG’s PE at 95, but it’s hard to figure because if they make 25 or 30 cents this coming quarter, which will be announced Weds, it would double their twelve-month earnings, and drop their PE in half.

That’s exactly what happened. They made 31 cents and dropped their PE to 46 (even figuring a conservative 66 cents trailing earnings, as I did, using the maximum number of shares, instead of the 77 cents they got using the average number of shares over the year). Next quarter there will be another large drop in the PE as trailing earnings go to over $1.00.


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My biggest worry is about what happens when the generous solar tax credits expire? (I believe in 2016). Will that be offset by the Tesla Gig Battery factory that will provide commercial and residential storage of solar power (above and beyond the batteries that go into the cars)?

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