Self Fying Planes, sometimes

European Cockpit Association found that 3 out of 4 pilots fell asleep while flying a plane in the month before the survey.

A plane was flying with 159 onboard. Then both pilots fell asleep.

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My watch can pretty accurately determine when I have fallen asleep. Why are pilots not required to use similar tech that would also trigger an alarm to wake them?

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My car can detect when I fall asleep and it’ll warn me, nag me, and then wake me if it can. If it can’t wake me, it’ll slow down and then stop. Hopefully the planes won’t do that! :joy:


The newer, glass panels on general aviation aircraft actually check on the pilot periodically when flying above an altitude of 10,000 (something like once every 20 minutes at 10,000 ft and every 3 minutes at 25,000 ft) But they’re checking for hypoxia, not run of the mill falling asleep.