OT: One-eyed Airline Pilots

Many people are dumbfounded to learn that the FAA long ago determined that it is not necessary to have binocular vision to fly an airplane (even a commercial airliner.) You just need to take an additional test to demonstrate your superpowers.

Of course, it may be difficult to find an airline that will hire you, even if the FAA says it’s OK. There are some 300 fully-certified one-eyed airline pilots waiting in the queue.

Given the current pilot shortage, would you be willing to travel with a one-eyed pilot if it meant that your flight would leave on-time?


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Yes. Binocular vision is really only helpful on the ground. In the air, distances are too far for human binocular vision to be all that helpful.

The restriction I’d suggest is that only one of the pilots can be monocular.