Sell Your Mac for used hardware

We are all in Apple, so every time we update hardware, we need to deal with unused stuff. Since we upgrade rather than wait until equipment dies or ages out of functionality, the hardware has significant value. Recently my iMac entered the unused hardware category. Apple was willing to give me $425. While trying to get some information on my iMac, I was on the OWC website and I saw a like to their used hardware are – Sell Your Mac. To my surprise, these people offered me $620.


OWC has been great in the past here, too.

When DW’s older 27" iMac failed, needed a graphics card, I considered replacing it myself, went as far as pulling the cover glass, but then all the screws, heat sink paste, I opted for a replacement, instead. A call to Sell Your Mac, gave me a real fair offer, and off it went… They hav the talent on hand to deal with whatever may be broken, so they in turn, resell the Macs, make a fait profit… Good company.

My old 2012 Mac Pro might be worthy of selling to them, 32 Gb Ram, but I haven’t asked, as it has a 2Tb HD, 2 Superdive DVD read/write drives, so I hate to give it up, so I keep it, just in case I may need it someday… I’ve still a lot of DVDs as backups to old photos, trips, so there it sets…

The last Mac Pro I had, a bit older, a dual G4, I sold to a friend for $100 bill, as he wanted it… Pretty sure he’s moved on by now…