Senescent cells. Anti-aging by clearing most of them out?

Senescent cells, also known as “zombie cells”, are cells that stop multiplying but don’t die. They release chemicals that can trigger inflammation.

They need to be killed and removed.

How do you clear out senescent cells?

Senolytics. This is the name of the compounds used to kill them. Then the body should clear them out. There is a long list of articles, so do some research.

Not all senescent cells are bad, but the list is long and not in any one spot.


Be careful. Some of you might only have zombie cells. If you get rid of them that could be the end.



Also cleansing plasma:

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I’ve been hearing ads for supplements to remove senescent cells on some of my podcasts. I am immediately suspicious of any supplements and whatever they are claiming to do. Without a strong science and data base, I’ll pass.

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