SettingDTone Feb Port Update

Hi everyone,
I’ve lurked on this board enough and too much time has passed without me giving back. Here’s my first monthly portfolio update. First, a little context regarding my port…. I add cash consistently to this portfolio as I am lucky that my 401k plan has a brokerage link option; my returns have been adjusted for cash deposits.

Month	Monthly Port YTD S&P Monthly  S&P YTD	Port vs. S&P
Jan	19.47%	19.47%	 8.01%	      8.01%	11.46%
Feb	13.77%	33.24%	 2.97%	      10.98%	10.80%
				      Total	22.26%

	% Portfolio
TTD	22.54%
KMI	12.36%
SHOP	11.65%
Cash	7.35%
SQ	6.18%
TWLO	6.06%
NTNX	5.62%
AYX	5.39%
ABMD	4.85%
MELI	4.57%
MTCH	3.36%
AMZN	2.97%
GH	2.47%
NVTA	2.19%
JD	1.61%
TRXC	0.82%

I’ll refrain from going into an in-depth description of why I own each name, as there are many portfolio updates out there much more sophisticated than mine. One holding I would like to discuss is Kinder Morgan…. this position is one in which I have been to hell and back with. Before discovering this board, my investing philosophy had always been to hold on and wait, and because of my inexperience and misguided investment philosophy I consistently added to this name over the years (dating back to 2015). Think of the opportunity cost of me staying in this name. Shame!

February sells: LNG, PYPL, MTCH (trimmed position), and CLNE

February buys: NTNX, TTD, AYX, ABMD, SQ, GH, and TWLO

Proceeds from gains in LNG, PYPL, and MTCH were deployed to the names above
My cash position is larger than I want, and I hope to deploy it rather quickly.

My KMI position WILL be cut or sold entirely (up considerably from its Christmas Eve low and its simply time).
Potential buy candidates: ABMD, AYX, TWLO, and TTD

Potential sell candidates: JD, TRXC, AMZN, and NTNX***

***I sold NTNX before the market opened Friday and bought a 3.5% position in OKTA
My goal is to match my portfolio allocations to those names in which I’m most confident. I’m not quite there yet.

I’m most confident in TTD; Jeff Green is a visionary leader, revenue growth is accelerating, and I don’t believe for a second they only grow mid 30’s for the year. It is also my belief that their unified ID solution is being underappreciated and will play huge dividends down the road. We’ll see.

Next, is probably TWLO… similar to my feelings regarding TTD, I can’t see them not blowing past their full year revenue estimate. That dollar-based net expansion rate of 144% reported last quarter was nice as well.

On deck after that is AYX, SQ, ABMD, and MELI.

I never thought posting to a discussion board anonymously would give me anxiety but here I am! My hope is to be much more involved on this discussion board. I’m no IT/Cloud/SaaS wizard, but I’m certain I can bring something to the table.

Thank you to everyone who has given so much to this board. It has changed the way I think and invest. Time for me to start giving back.