February Portfolio Update

Portfolio Update 2/15/19 as of 1:09PM.

It’s been a month since I posted my January portfolio update found here;

I have found doing these updates is helping me keep better records of my investing thought processes over the past few months. Much like keeping a journal in life when you re-read in the future it helps you remember what your thoughts were at the time of writing. Hopefully others find this helpful as well.

My portfolio monies are all in tax free accounts; Roth IRA, HSA, ESA. Thus I do not worry about tax consequences of my trading actions.

Current Portfolio as of 2/15/19. Change since 1/16/19 +8.7%. 2019 YTD +23.9%.

Stock		Current	        % of Port	% Change 		% Change		Mark	
		% of Port       on 1/16	        in port since 1/16	Price 1/16		Cap

CASH		22.4		10.6 	        +11.8						
NTNX		19.7		19.7	            0			 +9.3 			9.4B
TWLO		17.8		18.2	         +0.4			 +9.0		       10.3B
AYX		14.5		18.0	         +3.5			 +3.6			4.2B
WIX		14.7		13.6	         +1.1			+19.7			5.6B
ZS		10.9		10.4	         +0.5			+14.1			6.1B
CLNE		 0.1		 0.1		    0		 	 -2.1			388M
SQ		   0		 2.3	         -2.3		
TTD		   0		 5.5	         -5.5
ESTC		   0		 1.7	         -1.7		

I use this link for market cap; https://tinyurl.com/MClinkrd

I had to use new site to figure out return by last update here:

Numbers were based on close of 2/14 to calculate percent change in price.

New positions since last portfolio update: DOCU

Exited positions since last update: SQ, TTD, ESTC, DOCU

Trades between 1/16-2/15

Bought 	        TWLO 2/12 (after hours)                108.38-108.65 range
		DOCU 1/23                              46.03

Sold     	TWLO 		2/13 (before hours) 	113.1
		TTD 		1/29 	 		135.6
		ESTC 		2/4 			88.5
		DOCU		2/4 			50.95
		AYX		2/1			71.11, 71.16
		SQ		1/24			71.24

Thoughts on trades for the month. I bought some TWLO after hours on what I felt were great earnings. It was a quick trading position. I already have a full position of TWLO. I bought and sold shares in a 12 hour period and made a quick 4.2% on my money. Was this more gambling than investing, yes, but I had a feeling it went to low and I would have an opportunity to make a quick dollar.

Additionally this month I bought some DOCU. I had previously owned this stock for a short time earlier this year and sold it before the bottom dropped out with a quick gain. I again bought DOCU and sold it this month for a quick 10% gain. I decided that I wanted to go more to cash with the recent run up in the market and also as I want some emergency cash reserves so I decided to take the quick gain and sell. Additionally I sold out of TTD, SQ and ESTC because they were my smaller positions which reflected my conviction on them.

Thoughts on companies

NTNX-This company has been covered greatly on this board and by Bert H. I have posted on why I am invested in them in past posts. I feel the stock has the best chance for price appreciation over the next 12-24 months of any of the stocks this board covers, absolutely why it is my largest position.

TWLO-Just coming off earnings announcement. Had blow out earnings but predicted very conservatively on forward earnings. Stock fell a little but not badly. I obviously am in the camp of not believing the projected numbers. I think they are conservative because they truely do not know what the numbers are going to be as the company has been growing so rapidly.

AYX-Third largest position in portfolio. I reduce some this month as I wanted to hold cash in an account that only had AYX stock in it, so it had to be sold. Otherwise I probably would have just held. Been the weakest stock in my portfolio over the past 30 days. Earnings report is next week, I am expecting it to be positive.

WIX-The stock has been outperforming others on price appreciation the past month on no real news. The board had announced a stock buy back a few months ago and I wonder if that might be the reason for the price appreciation. I think the company is the most transparent and easy to understand of any that I follow.

ZS-Smallest position of my five current stock holdings. I am concerned about the constant discussion around its valuation. However I believe it has the most upside in the next ten years of any of the stocks in my portfolio. I also believe it will be the largest holding at some point.

CLNE really is just a watch position and has been for quite some time. Currently is a story stock, if it ever starts revenue growth I will be a buyer. Other stocks that I follow are the ones I recently sold (SQ, ESTC, TTD, ESTC, MDB) additionally TLND, PVTL, SHOP, TEAM.